Basement Entrance Awning Measuring Guide (Arch)

This guide is recommended for customers who wish to provide cover for their basement entrance with railings on both sides of the staircase.

Step 1: Begin by measuring the width and length of the basement staircase.

  • Width: Distance between edge of the railings.
  • Length: The total length of the staircase.

Step 2: Determine the height where the awning will be installed.

  • Height: Distance from the ground to the preferred awning location
    • Check for any objects that could get in the way of the installation. For example, windows, security cameras, etc.
    • In the case of a window, you will need to determine whether to partially block the window or position the awning above the window.

Step 3: Decide on the model to be used to cover the side entrance.

  • PC3 Arch (76″) awning is recommended when:
    • The width of the staircase is wider than 38 inches but narrower than 64″.
  • PC2b Arch (50″) awning is recommended when:
    • The width of the staircase is lesser than 38 inches.

Step 4: Order the awning via our Shop page or by filling out the Contact Us page if you require the installation service.

  • Select the model of the awning based on your results from Step 3.
  • Choose the colour of the bracket and the panel
    • Determine the bracket colour to either match the colour of the wall or the railing
    • Determine the panel colour to either maximize (clear) or limit (tinted brown) the amount of sunlight
  • Type in the length determined from Step 1.
  • Increase the quantity to 2 to order two identical awnings.
  • The package only includes the awning material.
basement entrance (arch) example image