Sidewalk Cover Awning Measuring Guide

This guide is recommended for customers who wish to provide cover for their side walk.

Step 1: Begin by measuring the total length of the sidewalk.

Step 2: Determine the height where the awning will be installed.

  • Check for any objects that could get in the way of the installation. For example, keystone, roof, security cameras, etc.
  • We do not recommend installing the awning below 7 feet as the end of the awning will end up being 6 feet or lower, which may cause people to run into the awning.

Step 3: Decide on the model to be used to cover the door or window.

  • Please mind the property line. If the awning results in snow/rain accumulating on the neighbour’s property, the neighbour may request to remove the awning.
  • PC3 (38″) and PC4 (48″) models are recommended for sidewalk cover.
  • PC5 (59″) is recommend if the awning needs to be installed above 8ft.

Step 4: Order the awning via our Shop page or by filling out the Contact Us page if you require the installation service.

  • Select the model of the awning based on your results from Step 3.
  • Choose the colour of the bracket and the panel
    • Determine the bracket colour to either match the colour of the wall or the railing
    • Determine the panel colour to either maximize (clear) or limit (tinted brown) the amount of sunlight
  • Type in the length + overhang determined from Step 1.

Common issues for above door awnings.

  1. Keystone in the middle of the door.
    • The issue can be resolved by installing an even number of brackets and cutting the rear aluminum piece along the keystone.
  2. Not enough room between the roof and the door.
    • The issue can be resolved by installing the brackets on the sides of the door but please make sure the distance between the brackets does not exceed 4 feet and the awning does not get in the way of the door.
  3. Storm doors
    • Please make sure there’s enough room for the door to open.
    • This can be determined by checking the drop-down amount of the brackets.